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Volkswagen Golf ESP warning light

I purchased, privately, a Mk5 VW Golf 1.9 TDI on an 07 plate with a full service history just over one year ago. Approximately two weeks ago the ESP warning light came on. I took the vehicle to my local dealership who confirmed that this was a brake pressure sensor fault. They quoted me just under £520 to fix the fault.

As it was a known fault, I asked for Volkswagen to cover the repair under a gesture of goodwill. However, they said this wasn't possoble and the goodwill payments stopped in 2015. After complaining to head office, they eventually offered to cover 33 per cent of the cost. Should I accept or hold out for more?

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That's right. The goodwill eventually ran out in August 2015, but at least they are offering to fix it for £520, not the £1800 - £2000 they were asking when I first became involved in this issue. The original offer was fair for what is now a nine year old car. You pushed your luck and you have been offered a 33 per cent discount. This is more than fair. My advice that you are quote in the link dates back to January 2010, which is SIX years ago and when you would have been covered on what was then a 3 year old car.
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