Peugeot 308 keeps jumping out of gear - help!

I purchased a Peugot 308 1.6 HDi in October 2015 from a dealer. I purchased it with 24,000 miles on the clock and 12 months warranty. I have covered just over 10,000 miles since purchase and it has developed a gearbox problem. Whilst driving on the M4 doing around 70mph it decided to jump out of fifth gear. When I put it back and applied power it would keep disengaging and going in to neutral.

The warranty covers this and its going in soon to be stripped down by the dealership. The pre-assessment check told me it will need a new gearbox. The warranty company want photos and a report and I'm now afraid they are going to worm their way out of it. Have you come across this before and how should I go about this awful situation?

Asked on 16 June 2016 by ned1

Answered by Honest John
I've had cars in which this has happened in the past but don't remember specific reports of this on mid size Citroens or Peugeots (though this isn't the greatest box ever built). It's beyond the scope of dealer liability because it happened more than 6 months after you bought the car, so you are reliant on the warranty insurer. If the warranty insurer instructed the garage to remove and dismantle the transmission then, if they turn down the claim, they have to pay for it to all be put back together again allowing you to take it to a gearbox specialist. Since this would cost the warranty insurer more than just fixing it, I think they will fix it.
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