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Is my Zafira a write-off?

I've been told the following about my Zafira by a vaxhuall garage:

Fault on inlet manifold and noisy on initial start up –suspect internal swirl flaps have collapsed and possible engine damage
Vehicle requires:
- Intake manifold
- Pipe
- Bracket
- Wiring
- Dis pack
- Spark plugs
3.5 hours labour

The vehicle requires the above but may have further engine damage due to swirl flaps possibly collapsing and going into engine – possible piston ring land damage and vehicle burning oil

I paid £3k for the car (2008, 66,000m) and the suggested repair would cost £2.5k. Up to £1k of that may be covered by a warranty.

The "official" Vauxhall garage have been very little help, only allowing me to speak to a customer service person rather than directly to an engineer. I'm concerned I could end up spending close to the value of the car and still not having a working engine.

What would you advise?


Asked on 20 May 2016 by Dave

Answered by Honest John
I thought it was a diesel, in which case my advise was to get out of the car asap. But Dave then told me it was petrol so if he can get £1,000 off the repair bill then probably worth fixing it, but fixing it properly by taking the head off and checking the bores and rings.
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