MINI Cooer solenoid problem.

Just an add on to your Good & Bad review of the MINI Cooper & Cooper S (2007-2013). An engine warning light recently came on on my wife's 2011 Cooper. The fault was traced to a failed solenoid in the sump, resulting in oil tracking back up the wiring to the engine management system, all of which had to be replaced. MINI and the local MINI dealership dealt with the situation very well. MINI stood the cost of the new EMU, and the dealer significantly reduced their hourly rate. Instead of a bill of £1800, we paid £526. The dealer told us that it was a rare, but not unknown problem. We saw this as being a good reason to stick with main dealer servicing, at least on a relatively new car, with only 25,000 miles on the clock.

Asked on 20 May 2016 by PaulBuckton

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks for the information. Too right you have a decent dealer. Top marks to him. Previous report on 9-5-2016: Starting problem on December 2010 MINI Cooper S Cabriolet traced to failed oil seal on a solenoid that allowed oil to track along the wiring harness and into the engine management system, both of which had to be replaced, along with re-programming. BMW dealer response was no chance of a contribution to repair costs on a car of that age. Owner opted to have it repaired at local independent MINI specialist. This cost £2,525.
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