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Can't get my V5 certificate

On 28th November 2015 I took delivery of a new Fiesta from Evans Halshaw, Milton Keynes. The V5 certificate showed the wrong colour. The dealer kept the V5 saying they would get it amended. I am still waiting to get the amended V5. I have given up phoning and emailing Evans Halshaw, Milton Keynes and have written twice to the CEO of Pendragon (the second time by recorded delivery) with absolutely no response from anyone.
Do you have any recommendation as to what I should do next. I would like to write to the Ford Motor Company; which department should I address please?
This service from Evans Halshaw, Milton Keynes and Pendragon is nothing short of utter incompetence.

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Yes. Get a Form V62 and register the car yourself using all the information on the incorrect V5C apart from the colour. Write in the correct colour:
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