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I sold a car from Germany to a UK dealer and now I've got a court summons - why?

I'm in the armed forces, currently based in Germany. I sold a tax-free car to a Ford dealer in the UK, completing the correct paperwork. I was then told by the dealer to send the change of owner paperwork to him, which I did. Now, 18 months later, I get a court summons. What's that all about? Have I been done over?

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You did the wrong thing. You should have returned the correct part of the V5C, disposed of to a dealer, to the DVLA itself, and if you did not get an acknowledgement within 28 days you should have followed up by phone calls to the DVLA. The dealer may have failed to notify, or the post office or the DVLA lost the notification, but it's still your responsibility. You only get off if you can prove you sent the notification, in which case a DVLA prosecution of you for its mistakes is illegal.
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