Why don't saloons come with rear wash-wipes?

One of the most useful and essential pieces of equipment on a car is a rear window wiper. What excuse do manufacturers have for not fitting them to saloon cars? Are there any companies that can successfully retro fit a rear wiper?

Asked on 16 March 2016 by Dunstan

Answered by Honest John
Peugeot fitted them to 306 sedans and 406 sedans, but they are rarely fitted because saloons do not throw up as much dirt over the rear windows as hatchbacks and estates. If the rear screen is covered in water you can get it off with a cloth or a blade wipe, or dry it off with the rear window heating element. If you wanted, you could have one fitted to some makes and models of cars by a rally specialist, but this would be an expensive job likely to lead to significant leaks into the car.
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