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Buying used executive car - 5 Series or XF?

I am looking to upgrade from my diesel Ford Mondeo and a 2012 BMW 5 Series or 2011 Jaguar XF are favourites. I want a refined, comfortable cruiser, with decent oomph, to cover the 15-18000 miles a year I cover.

I read that the XF 3.0D is the more refined option with the XF, but significantly dearer that the 2.2D. The BMW 520D I hear is refined & probably cheaper to run, but obviously not as quick as the XF. I have a budget of £15,000.

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I'd go for the XF 3.0D, preferably the 275PS rather than the 240PS, but even that is preferable to the 2.2. BMW M57 diesels are impressively powerful and economical, but seem to run into timing chain problems, especially after being run on LongLife servicing: and

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