What's causing my diesel Focus to rattle so much?

I own a Ford Focus from 2008, with the 1.6 diesel engine. A while back I started hearing some strange noises from the engine. These noises are similar to what you hear on a car with a faulty DMF, a rattle which starts from low revs. However, I do not think the rattle is DMF related because I am not experiencing variations at idle. Can you offer any help to locate the problem?

Asked on 26 January 2016 by 3uga

Answered by Alan Ross
Well if it was the DMF you should be able to hear a change in the noise/rattle when you depress and then release the clutch pedal. So is the engine running okay at idle and through up as you accelerate, because it may be a misfire at low revs that is causing vibrations.

You may want to check all pipes/connections in the engine bay and also check that the exhaust system has not come loose/rattling.
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