How do I replace the timing belt on my Peugeot TUD5?

I need to replace a timing belt on my Peugeot TUD5 and have a few questions. When the timing belt broke would it be possible that the valves got bent at the same time the belt broke? Is there some diagram or picture that will show what has to be lined up to be timed right?

Asked on 14 July 2010 by Evergreen Memorial

Answered by Alan Ross
Yes there is a chance that when the belt broke it may have caused damage to the engine (valves etc). When the belt broke was the engine revving hard? If so, the risk would be greater. To set the timing up correctly you will have to refer to a workshop manual, or ask your local garage if they can tell you. You must ensure that you replace the belt in the correct position, otherwise you may cause additional damage.
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