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Work Recommended and Completed was Not Required for Elderly Vulnerable Customer at £650

My Dad, age 79, took his Toyota Auris to a retail chain for tyres. While killing time in a nearby supermarket they called him to say his rear brakes were below spec and front brakes were borderline. They called back with a quote and my Dad agreed to the work based on their recommendation. My parents had to take the bus home as the car was going to take longer than just fitting tyres.

Through family phone calls I found out about the recommended work and was immediately concerned. (Dad keeps his car fully serviced, well maintained and had only covered 2000 miles since his last MOT - it had an advisory on tyres ONLY). As Dad had authorised the work he couldn't back out so I advised Dad to have the old parts back; this he did.

I have had the parts inspected by a trusted reputable garage and they were horrified, all brake parts were serviceable for thousands of more miles.
- Front pads 10mm thick, minimum 1mm
- Rear pads 7mm thick, minimum 1mm
- Front discs 24.7mm and 25.5mm thick, minimum 19mm
- Rear discs 8.4mm and 8.1mm thick, minimum 7.5mm
- with VAT the brake work was £650
(These minimum thicknesses came from the reputable garage's car database and I called our Toyota dealer - both concur).

I feel this retail chain has taken advantage of a vulnerable elderly customer and recommended work that was not needed. I have now had to spend time getting facts on behalf of Dad as this appears SO wrong.

What is the appropriate action for redress and compensation please?

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You have the evidence of the wrongdoing. Pay the manager of the tyre depot a visit and inform him that if he does not immediately refund the £650 cost of the work to the brakes you will take the matter to the Small Claims Track of the County Court. He'll probably pay up straight away. These kind of places rely on getting away with it 9 times out of 10, but taking a hit on the 10th.
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