Does my Kia have a DPF?

We have just bought a 2010 (10 plate) Kia Sportage with only 15000 miles on the clock, but we cannot find any specific reference to a DPF being fitted or to a warning light on the dashboard. Will it have a DPF fitted and what should we do to keep it functioning?

Asked on 31 August 2015 by hocks

Answered by Honest John
Yes is will have DPF. It would need one for EU4, never mind EU5. Avoid repeated short runs from cold starts. Be aware that the DPF will actively regenerate every 250 miles or so and this will probably happen while you are on the motorway. Use only the best diesel. Check the engine oil regularly for a rise in level. If this happens get it to a dealer. But DPFs have not been generally troublesome on Sportage diesels.
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