Audi gearbox replacement

My wife's car is now three months out of warranty and has always been serviced by the supplying Audi dealer at the correct times. It has done less than 25000 miles. I had occasion to drive it last week and noticed a noise that I thought was wheel-related. My wife took it in (having been warned of a £60 cost if nothing found) and the mechanic who rode on test with her agreed wheel-related. However on the ramp they then said it was the gearbox and they found metal debris in the oil. Again we were advised that it would be £480 for them to take it apart and confirm the problem before discussion with the manufacturer. With seemingly no choice in this we agreed. The outcome is that a reconditioned gearbox has been fitted at no additional charge but we still have to pay for the "investigation." Again we agreed but my wife has just had a conversation with a neighbour who is a Citizens Advice worker and was told that we should not have to pay the £480 as the car was unfit for purpose. As it is out of warranty, albeit not by much, I'm not sure that is correct but thought I would seek your advice on this and would appreciate your opinion.

Asked on 28 August 2015 by watney

Answered by Honest John
You agreed to the £480 fee to dismantle the car and submit the goodwill claim to Audi, so you are liable to pay that £480 fee. If you want to try to reclaim the dismantling fee, and the cost of the new gearbox, on the grounds that it was "not of satisfactory quality" you would have to take the supplying dealer who dismantled the transmission to Small Claims at the County Court. If a different dealer from the supplier dismantled the transmission then you have a problem and need the help of a solicitor.
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