Buying a petrol Jaguar XE - advice?

Looking to buy new, something quick and mid-size, auto gearbox, and have narrowed test drive search to Jaguar XE 240PS Sport, Audi S3 or BMW M135i, although M235i could be alternative as cost and number of doors are not crucial as long as package is in mid £35,000s. All are quick enough for all needs apart from track days. The S3 is hugely competent and sensible but gearbox worries me. Six cylinder BMW engines make me smile a lot and I can't find any minus points, but they are just another BMW. The Jaguar is different, sophisticated, nicer to arrive in and a bit down on power but not so much as to be a concerned in real-life driving. However, the current engine is Ford based and rumour has it that Jaguar will make a petrol equivalent of the new diesel. I'd appreciate your comment with regard to my analysis and in particular any news/timing about the new engine as this will be crucial in my decision.

Asked on 23 August 2015 by 2wellies

Answered by Honest John
The DStronic worries me too, but the 8 speed ZF torque converter in the XE240 works beautifully. That Ford engine in the Jag beats BMW's four in every respect, including power. Sure the 135i and 235i sixes are a lot quicker, but that's not always what life is all about.
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