Choice between 3 preferred cars?

I want to buy a replacement for a 52 plate Volkswagen Passat. Petrol only due to low annual mileage. Narrowed down to 3 choices: new 5 door manual Golf GTI (£25.5K), new Octavia vRS Estate (£23.5K), or a 64 plate Volkswagen CC 2.0 litre petrol GT210 (£20k with 5K miles).

All three have basically same engine and the Golf/octavia have same MBQ chassis. Which would you go for?

Asked on 21 August 2015 by Finbar

Answered by Honest John
You're right. They all have the EA888 engine with indirect as well as direct injection that overcomes the problem of inlet valves coking up. You are a Passat man, so that argues in favour of the CC which is also by far the best looking of the three. The potential problem with it is the DSG auto transmission, 6-speed wet clutch versions of which can be okay or can be intrusive, though you probably won't notice this much driving on the road.
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