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Correct engine oil for Ford Galaxy

My 2011 Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi has just been into a local garage and the mechanic offered his advice that I should only use C3 or low ash oil in the engine as other oils will destroy my turbo.

I've always tried to drop my engine oil every 6 months and so I have some ASDA 5W-30 fully synthetic oil for the task. This Asda oil is to the following spec: ACEA A5/B5, ford WSS-M2C913-D, Ford WSS-M2C913-C.

This is all gobbledygook to me. Can I use this Asda oil in my Galaxy and does it meet this C3, low ash rating?

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According to this: Ford WSS-M2C913-C is the correct oil and Ford WSS-M2C934-A for "extended drain". Later 2.0 TDCI engines from 2014 need Ford WSS-M2C950-A.
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