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The new MX-5

We are considering trading in our 2 year old MX-5 for the new model 1.5 ESL.

1. Do you consider the 2.0 ESL the better option?

2. What would you consider a fair trade-in price?

3. There is only the soft top option. Bearing in mind that we have no garage and it will be standing on our drive in all weathers year round will the soft top be up to the job?

4. Would we be wiser deal-wise to order now or wait until the initial hype has died down - say 6 months.

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1. Yes, needs the 2.0 litre engine because low torque engines in sports cars are too much work and get tiring to drive. Mazda is pushing the 1.5 to try to keep its corporate average CO2 down below the level where the EC imposes fines. 2. About £12,500. 3. Obviously a soft top is not as durable, but with no electric motors it is more reliable. 4. Not much point in ordering now and getting one just in time for winter.

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