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I have a 2015 CLS 350 CDI. My concern is the DPF having read your column for a while. Even at speeds beyond legal limits, with the nine speed gearbox, it barely revs beyond 1750 rpm. As most of my mileage is motorway, I am concerned that the DPF isn't regenerating. I run it on Shell Vpower and having asked this question of MB Service and got a very dismissive answer, I would appreciate your opinion.

Asked on 29 June 2015 by Doris 100db

Answered by Honest John
The car has an SCR regenerating DPF that requires regular doses of AdBlue (separate filler under the filler flap). I've yet to hear of problems with an AdBlue DPF as long as the DPF is properly replenished. It tends to last about 6000 miles and a refill costs about £30. It is widely available at fuel stations because HGVs have been using it for a long time. Follow the instructions and be careful not to splash any on the paint or on yourself.
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