Media system issues on a Jaguar

I bought this as a used Jag Management car in 2014, it is a 2013 model so still under warranty, has done 26000 miles FSH. I had a problem with the Media system freezing and no sound - gave video to dealer - they have updated software 3 times, they have done 2 full resets and software renewal, they have had the car for over 15 days and only after real pressure offered to replace the "audio" module - the cheapest part - not the head unit, which they said last time.
They are not communicating well, I have insisted the units are changed or I will reject the car under SOG act 1979 - still not really getting anywhere. It is a main dealer Harwoods, who have been brilliant at everything else - but just claiming - sorry computer says no fault.

Asked on 10 June 2015 by Fazman2

Answered by Honest John
I think the courts will regard a faulty sound system as too trivial to be grounds to reject a car. See: However, you can give the garage a written ultimatum sent by post office special delivery: either they fix the system properly or you take the car to an audio specialist, pay him whatever it costs to fix it, then sue the dealer for the cost.
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