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Will smaller wheels improve the ride in my Lexus IS?

My Lexus IS was a pre-registered model, for a good discount, so I had no choice of wheel size. The 18-inch wheels as fitted produce a very hard and jiggly ride. There are websites offering new alloys for as little as £400 a set - are the suppliers and the products reputable and will say 16-inch wheels improve the ride? Do I have to tell my insurer?

Asked on by of Hull have a good reputation and the painted Alutec wheels they supply are TUV approved with a five year warranty (never buy polished and lacquered alloys because they cannot resist winter road grit and salt).

Yes, the base model IS300h comes on 16-inch wheels with 205/55R16 tyres which put a lot more cushion between the rims and the road. Unfortunately you still need to "disclose" the "modification" to your insurer.
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