Buying a used Skoda Octavia - should I take the plunge?

I would reakly like to buy a 2011 1.8tsi Skoda Octavia as the engine felt great. However, I am concerned about the oil consumption issue and costly piston ring fix. The car has c. 29000 miles and would come with a 1 yr warranty as it would be an approved Skoda used car.

Firstly is this problem that common or is it forum hype?

Secondly, I am hoping that if the car had the issue, it would either already of happened or it would show up during the warranty period anyway. Would you agree?

Asked on 26 January 2015 by rch1984

Answered by Honest John
Sadly common problem. If it has been fixed then there should be some documentation. If it hasn't, buy an oilwell.

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