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Hello John,
I've been trying to Lease a Merc, 'B' 200 SE Auto, but after getting all sorts of false offers, delivery dates, previous models etc. I wish to know what you would recommend as a replacement for this model. I don't want any kind of 'Off Road' 4 wheel drive monster, just something like the smaller MPV that the Mecr A and B models are already.
I don't want any French cars like the Renault Scenic, after a whole mess of trouble with the one I'm getting rid of now.
Can you help?

Thank You, Mr Eric Stewart.

Asked on 24 January 2015 by steweric

Answered by Honest John
'B' Class are not necessarily the quality you expect from Mercedes, but I can't see why you can't lease one, if not from your first contact from a different lessor or even Mercedes Benz Finance. Just be aware that MB Finance is notorious for charging lessees for any damage on return of the car.
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