Buying a used car - BMW 520d or 530?

After research, I was all set to buy a BMW 520d Touring. However, a friend suggested that I test drive a 530d, particularly as I will only be driving 5000 to 6000 miles pa. Whilst the 520d is good the 530 is so much better. Most of my journeys will be 100 miles plus and I have been told I won't see a huge difference in mpg.

I have identified a 2010 car with 47,000 miles for £24k at but have the following concerns:

1. The car has 19-inch wheels. Will these make the car noisy and/or uncomfortable?

2. Is this too much money for a car of this age and mileage?

3. How reliable are the 530d's? What annual costs should I expect?

Asked on 25 August 2014 by New to BMW?

Answered by Honest John
19-inch wheels will bang over dodgy bits of road and the rims and tyres are vulnerable to damage. 18-inch wheels will be a bit better. 17s wheels are probably a bit too small with too much tyre sidewall for a 530d. £24k is big bucks for a 2010. Should be £21500 for an SE auto, or £23250 for an M-Sport.
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