Why is the transmission in my Defender so clunky?

I bought a 2012 Land Rover Defender from a main dealer at 9000 miles. It has now done 15,000 miles and the dealer has improved the issue slights, but cannot eradicate it.

The dealer has improved the position slightly and I have driven two other vehicles with similar a engine and gearbox, but both have reacted exactly the same. Land Rover say no problem with vehicle, the noise and effect is just peculiar to that transmission set.

I am sure damage must be being done as the shock waves have to go somewhere. Have you any answers to this or have you heard of other owners having the same problem?

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As far as I know, this goes with the territory. A Defender is still a fairly crude piece of kit, and the four-wheel drive drivetrain dates back a lot further than the current engines.
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