It is wise to buy a Cat C or D car?

I noticed there are a lot of CAT C or D cars listed for sale. These appear to be cars that have been written off by insurance companies as beyond repair. Surely this is like buying a death trap or am I missing something?

Asked on 28 July 2014 by lenanil

Answered by Honest John
Yes. Cat D's can be written off, for example, because the car was stolen, later found intact, but the insurer had paid off the policyholder before the car was found. Cat C's are written off because the insurer calculates that the cost of repairing the car plus the cost of courtesy car during the repair is greater than the market value minus the salvage value.

If your car is judged to be a Cat C you can usually keep it if you want and only receive market value minus salvage value, then use that money to repair it yourself. Fully explained here: Cat B's must be dismantled and sold for parts. They can never be put back on the road. Cat As must be crushed.
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