Cam belt failure at 83k miles - who's responsible for the repairs?

I own a 1999 Ford Fiesta and a local independent garage has serviced/MoT'd the car regularly from new and we've relied on their judgement as to what should be done. The car's cam belt was replaced by this local garage in 2004 at about 36K miles.

This belt failed this week at about 83K, having done about 47K in ten years.
Car otherwise in serviceable condition, but now likely beyond economic repair because of consequent cylinder head damage. Is this loss ours to bear or would it be reasonable to expect a contribution from the garage or Ford?

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Obviously not from Ford on a 15 year old car. That would be completely ridiculous. I think Ford gives the belt a life of 10 years and this belt snapped at 10 years, so why would either Ford or the garage be responsible anyway? I'd have changed it sooner, but that implies no liability on the garage.
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