Why is my Skoda Fabia vRS making a buzzing noise?

I own a 2012 Skoda Fabia vRS. Further to engine replacement due to high oil consumption, my engine has made a metallic buzzing chain like noise when I accelerate in second and third gears, up to say 4500 revs then lift of the accelerator to and allow the car to slow down on its own.

I have demonstrated it to the dealership technicians and been told it sounds transmission related. However, all they are prepared to do is plug the car into a diagnostic machine and tell me there are no faults logged. My issue is that they are not willing or prepared to check the mechanical workings of the gearbox.

I am sick of the car now as it has been completely unreliable and in and out of the dealers since I bought it six months ago. I just want it working properly or a full refund. What should I do?

Asked on 6 June 2014 by austenw90

Answered by Honest John
This isn't a universal problem. Another reader is delighted with his Polo GTI (same thing underneath) and has had no problems in 35,000 miles. You can't reject a car just for a buzzing noise. All you can do is express your disquiet in a letter sent by post office special delivery to the dealer principal of the supplying dealer. Then it becomes a matter of record if a failure later occurs.
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