Vauxhall Corsa - repair or scrap?

I have a work colleague who is 18 years old and drives a 2001 Vauxhall Corsa automatic. She has already spent £900 on repairs and has now been told she requires another £1600 for a burnt out computer unit. The mechanic is highly recommended in the village she lives in.

Her dilemma is, does she spend the £1600 or does she cut her loses, sell the car for spares and buy a new car - If so which car would you recommend? She can only drive automatics.

Asked on 23 May 2014 by Grey Duster

Answered by Honest John
This isn't a proper automatic, it's an automate manual 'Easytronic' and £1600 for a replacement actuator is the standard price. Unfortunately, she bought the wrong car and it is not worth spending another £600.

The best automatic of this age and size is a Toyota Yaris 1.3 4-speed torque converter auto. I've driven them with 80,000 miles plus and they have been no problem.
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