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Vicar needs a new car. Short wife likes higher seating position. 250 miles a week. Skoda yeti or...?

Our 02 Reg Scenic needs replacing after years of hassle free driving over 100k miles. My wife likes the higher seating position (she's 5'2") and a glass roof. I need it for a 25 mile each way commute and weekend/holiday trips (Dordogne this year). Two older teenagers to seat as well. I've had a look at a Yeti but wonder what you recommend? I should say that I usually drive just below the speed limits so comfort over speed as a preference.

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Lots of choices. Yeti yes, but you might find the 1.2TSI 105 underpowered for a long holiday trip. You could consider a Ford C-Max 1.6 EcoBoost, a Citroen C4 Picasso, a Toyota Verso, the forthcoming Golf SV (testing this week) or another Scenic. Smaller, a Hyundai ix20 (ix20 not i20) might do the job, but probably too small.

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