Why does our SEAT Leon keep stalling?

A few weeks ago you correctly identified a broken pollen filter that was creating an awful smell in my son's 2002 SEAT Leon. After the garage spent ages farting about without any result, he and a friend replaced the pollen filter and all was cured!

This time, every so often, it fails to start although the engine turns over; the SEAT garage doesn't seem to have a clue, they've replaced the battery and said it might be the alternator. But here's the weird thing, if he rocks the car sideways for a short while it then starts! I'm concerned that the garage will just go on replacing things which he can't really afford. Can you help us again?

Asked on 16 March 2014 by spacebeagle

Answered by Honest John
Failure to start is most likely to be condensation causing moisture ingress to the coils. Alternatively it might be a duff fuel tank sender pump, sender pump relay, or a duff earth to the sender pump or sender pump relay.
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