Should I buy the Audi A3, Volkswagen Passat or Skoda Superb?

I have now decided to select one of these cars, which are all 1.6 diesel automatics: Audi A3 sedan, Volkswagen Passat or Skoda Superb. According to my opinion, Audi is the best quality among them, but it is a little bit narrow in comparison to others. In addition, it has a high middle tunnel that is the cause of difficulties for sitting in the middle. The Passat's back side is a little bit wider than the Audi and in addition, fuel consumption may be higher than the Audi. The Superb is largest compared to the others, but a little bit cheaper feeling and with higher fuel consumption. And used market value is worst. We are three persons in the family: two adults and one child. These cars are similar prices, and all have different positive and negative criteria. Reliability, usable comfort, service prices and secondhand value are important for me. But I cannot decide between them.

Asked on 16 November 2013 by ME, Turkey

Answered by Honest John
These all have identical drivetrains, the same belt cam 1.6TDI engine and the same DSG dual clutch transmission (called s-tronic in the Audi, but the same). The A3 is the classiest and most likely to retain value. But none are better built than the others because they share the same components. The Superb is now the oldest model, dating back to 2008. The Passat dates back to 2011. The A3 sedan is this year's car.
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