How can we have a derelict car removed from our neighbour's property?

Can I have your advice about SORN please? There is an old wrecked BMW parked outside the owner's mum's garage and it is really in a state, you'd have to literally shovel it up. It appears that as long as he ticks the SORN box yearly he can just leave it there, no worries (for him). It must attract rats (it's been there about two years or so) and the local police have looked at it twice and just say that it's on SORN. That can't have been in the spirit of things when SORN was thought up. It's antisocial and a possible health issue, but the local council does not want to know either. Is there really nothing we can do to get this wreck forcibly shifted?

Asked on 9 November 2013 by DW, Crowborough

Answered by Honest John
If it is on his property and is correctly SORN'd there is nothing you can do. You cannot force a freeholding neighbour to tidy up his property. But if it is rented council property you might be able to.
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