Why do motorcyclists ride so dangerously?

Please join me on the A12 from Romford to Wanstead each working morning where you will witness some of the worst motorcycle riding; the constant high speed weaving in and out of cars, going through lights on red and then pulling up at lights whilst red to discuss with another biker what a great time they are having. One enterprising biker has his rear number plate on Velcro. As he goes through the speed cameras he leans round and rips it off only to put it back on when clear of them. I think sometimes the overhead displays should say, “Bikers Think”.

Asked on 26 October 2013 by MU, Romford

Answered by Honest John
As you have observed, most motorbikes on UK roads are used for getting to and from work. Many of them are the owners’ only means of transport. So instead of driving around in a 1500kg tin box, they ride a vehicle less than a quarter that size that emits less, gets from A to B faster and relieves congestion. But car and van drivers are still killing them because they don't 'Think Bike'. And a loud exhaust at least gives a biker a chance of being heard, then seen. Check out this video of driving in Bangkok which clearly shows how the noise of an approaching motorcycle exhaust alerts the driver: www.youtube.com/watch?v=THksLID3DcI
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