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Could we fit a child's seat to the middle of our Grand C-Max's rear seat?

We have just obtained a Ford Grand C-Max. The middle seat of the second row is narrower than the outer two. Is it correct/safe to fit a High Back Booster Group 2/3 child's seat to the middle of the row using the car seat belt as the restraint, to allow adults to sit on the outer seats?

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I wouldn't do that. Instead I would fit separate solid straps from the child seat to the centre seat belt bolts and secure it that way. I take your point. You want the child to be able to see forwards between the driver and passenger seats and not get bored, fractious, or sick down the back of your neck. The best car for that is the new Citroen Picasso which has three proper, full size rear seats, each with an ISOFIX tether: . Be aware of the strength of the seatback springs on a Grand C-Max. They once knocked me out and partially detached a retina.
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