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Why don't you criticise manufacturers who don't fit spare wheels to cars?

Your correspondent RW, from Braintree is right to be disappointed with the lack of a spare wheel in his Ford C-Max and I am astonished at your apparent sycophancy to the manufacturers who perpetuate this scam. I was recently astonished to discover that even a car as fully loaded as the Audi RS6 only came with a notoriously unreliable "do it yourself" puncture repair kit. This is not just about getting you home, its also about keeping mobile whilst the damaged tyre is in for repair or replacement. You are not convincing anyone that runflats are all about safety. Presumably sales of these very expensive tyres have soared and no doubt car manufacturers are scooping worthwhile discounts or maybe even rewards from the tyre companies for fitting them. Here’s an idea. Why don't manufacturers simply own up that that this is really about keeping costs down?

Asked on 28 September 2013 by RP, Bridport, Dorset

Answered by Honest John
There is nothing sycophantic about stating facts in order to successfully provoke the desired reaction from readers like you. With many cars (and especially compact 7-seaters) there is nowhere to house a spare wheel. However, it is true that runflats save lives. I came within six inches of being killed on the hard shoulder of the M3 changing a wheel with a conventional spare, and that's why I actively promote tyres that enable you not to have to stop at all. Actually manufacturers do “scoop” big discounts or rewards for fitting cars with ultra low profile tyres that are easily damaged, last half as long and cost twice as much to replace. Runflats only fit that category of they are ultra low profile.
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