Can you recommend an all-rounder for use on a farm and longer journeys?

I have a 2011 Land Rover Defender 110, which I use on my farm and local journeys and a 2009 Honda Accord, which is used only about five times a year for long-distance trips. Service, tax and insurance for the Honda amounts to about £800 a year, or over £150 a trip before fuel. Whilst the Defender is ideal for my needs; carrying sheep, logs, fencing posts, machinery etc, it is not ideal for long journeys. Are there vehicles which in your opinion would do both jobs? Obviously I need a 4x4, ideally high/low ratio with diff-lock, 5-seats, a fairly spartan load area, no bulkhead behind the rear seats so I can carry planks, but able to cruise comfortably and reasonably quietly at higher speeds?

Asked on 14 September 2013 by RD, Peaslake

Answered by Honest John
Current model KIA Sorento 2.2CRDI KX2 SatNav at £29,770. It will cruise all day at 70 at 40mpg or all day at 80 at 36mpg. It's very comfortable and handles far better than a Defender. But it won't hold its value as well.
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