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Which tyres should I fit to my Toyota Avensis for maximum longevity?

My Avensis is now nearly seven years old but has done only 40,700 miles, completely trouble-free. I therefore plan to continue running it until it starts giving problems. One pair of tyres will soon need replacing. The current tyres are Michelin Pilot Primacy 205/55 R16. Given your comments about the expected lifespan of modern cars, should I pay the premium for new Michelin Primacy 3s, or should I consider a cheaper brand? If the latter, which would you recommend?

Asked on 17 August 2013 by JT, Bolton

Answered by Honest John
I never recommend cheap tyres. I do, however, advocate high quality tyres bought cheaply. There is usually an offer on Michelins somewhere.
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Solid car. Sophisticated multi-link suspension deliberately unstressed for long life. Quite quick T180 diesel from July 2006.

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