Why was my new Volkswagen Golf VII not supplied to the specification I ordered?

I ordered a new shape Volkswagen Golf VII on 11 January 2013 from the local dealer, based on info in the brochure of 19 October 2012. The production date of the car was 15 February 2013. I paid an extra £935 to up the spec from an S to an SE specifically to include the Convenience Pack, which featured Front Footwell lighting. I took delivery of the car on 26 March 2013 and only noticed no footwell lighting when I was out late with an infirm 90-year old relative a few weeks later. I am now told that it is impossible to retrofit this lighting, which I understand because of the wiring loom, etc. However, verbally, I have been offered by Volkswagen £250 which I must spend on unwanted goods or services, where I submit receipts and the dealer will then reimburse me. This is absurd. Volkswagen has not provided a car with the complete specification I ordered. How do I stand please?

Asked on 10 August 2013 by GB, Eastbourne

Answered by Honest John
Apparently a batch of more then 500 Golf VII SEs for the UK market were not built to spec, also missing electric folding door mirrors. But if you paid £935 for something you did not get, use www.moneyclaim.gov.uk to sue the dealer for it via the Small Claims Track of the County Court. The courts accept that the delivered specification of a car may differ from the brochure spec because of the complications of production and keeping a production line running when a shortage of a particular part occurs. But you paid £935 extra specifically to get a feature. If you did not get it you are entitled to your money back.
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