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Misfuelled my Hyundai i30 diesel with petrol - should I drain the tank?

I got distracted this morning and put just over two litres of V-Power petrol into my Hyundai i30 diesel before I realised. There was already about a quarter of a tank of diesel in the car. I stopped and filled up with V-Power diesel and it seems to be running ok. I have done about 15 miles. Will I have done any long-term damage? Do I need to drain the fuel out and start again? The car has done about 10,000 miles.

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The petrol will float on top of the diesel. Keep filling up with high lubricity V-Power until the petrol disperses. This could take well over 1000 miles, but 2 litres is a small amount so you should be okay. Just never let the tank get low so the fuel pick-up sucks in petrol rather than diesel. Happily it’s now impossible to misfuel all new Fords, together with many Citroens, Hondas, and BMWs.
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