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Why don't car drivers understand how difficult it is to drive an HGV in traffic at the speed limit?

You recently published a letter from a driver wanting to know at what speed maximum fuel efficiency was achieved on the motorway. Your reply correctly stated that 50-55mph was too slow as it hindered HGVs limited to 56mph, but forced to drive at that speed to remain on schedule. As an HGV driver I am confronted with lazy, selfish and reckless driving on a regular basis, every day, but I wanted to tackle the current fad of driving excessively slowly on the motorways.

Car speedos are not very accurate compared to trucks, which is why you see lorries going through average speed checks at higher speeds than cars. But elsewhere cars that think they are doing 55-56 are really only doing 52-52, yet make it very difficult for an HGV that needs to stay on schedule to overtake. Joining the motorway at slow speeds also causes huge problems for HGVs in the LH lane. I know there is no minimum speed limit in this country but car drivers should be more aware of how their actions affect HGV drivers.

Asked on 27 April 2013 by JT, Taunton

Answered by Honest John
Well said. I continually try to get this point across, but it’s an uphill struggle. Many car drivers still regard HGVs as ‘the enemy’, little realising that they depend on transportation by HGV for virtually everything in their lives.
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