What is this speed setting function on my Passat's cruise control?

I have recently purchased a May 2012 Passat Saloon (SE TDI 2.0 140PS) and I am generally very pleased with it. However, the cruise control seems to have an unusual malfunction that my Volkswagen dealer has told me is to be found on similar models. When cruise control is selected, there is a function that allows the driver to increase or reduce speed by 5mph by moving the control lever upwards or downwards. In my vehicle, if I am travelling at 63mph and push the control lever upwards, the speed increases to 65mph and if I push it up again it increases by 5mph to 70mph. A friend has told me that this is an electronic programming issue. Can you help explain the problem; better still suggest a solution?

Asked on 20 April 2013 by AB, via email

Answered by Honest John
That's normal, for convenience, to quickly lock you to a speed limit such as from 70 down to 50 for a contra-flow. If you want to select a speed that is not a 5mph increment (for example if you are following a car travelling at 68mph) then you can do it simply by selecting 'set' at that speed. Thankfully, the post-2011 Passat that you have is a vastly better car than the 2005-2011 version.
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