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Why doesn't the RAV4 come with a spare wheel?

I posted a message on the Toyota blog relating to the about to be launched new 2013 Toyota RAV4. In it I said:

“I change my car on a 3 year cycle. In 2007 I bought my first RAV4 paying extra for a model with a spare wheel. In 2010 the model range had reduced to four, none with a spare wheel or runflat tyres. Reluctantly I opted for my current 2.2XTR AWD with a tyre repair kit. Unfortunately I did experience a puncture for which the tyre repair kit was totally inadequate, resulting in a long roadside wait whilst a new tyre was sourced. When visiting Canada in 2011, I called into a Toyota dealership to enquire about the spare wheel situation over there. They confirmed that every RAV4 in the range came with a spare wheel and added that they wouldn’t be able to sell any if they didn’t. From pictures on the internet of the new 2013 RAV4 there are shots of a spare wheel stored under the boot floor. So I then asked: “Can Toyota please stop pussy footing about and confirm that UK RAV-4s will be available with a spare wheel. If not I, along with a number of friends, will be opting for the KIA Sportage, which comes with a full size alloy spare throughout the range.”"

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Toyota’s response to this was that it had kept its eye on the social networks and is introducing a space-saver spare as a free optional extra from July. But when I drove the new RAV4 in February it looked to me that there was probably room for a full-sized spare under the load deck floor. Do not attempt to save a few quid in annual tax by opting for the 2WD RAV4. That doesn’t work. It needs 4WD.
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