My 2003 Honda Jazz has been absolutely reliable.

Like TC (29/12/12), I have a Honda Jazz 1.4 SE that I bought in September 2005 when it was 18 months old. At the time, I was 74 and looking for a car that was reliable, economical and practical. Next March it will be nine years old and has been completely reliable. The Honda service book describes my type of use as “severe driving conditions” since over 80 per cent of my mileage is driving less than five miles per trip. The car has been trouble-free and, after 29,000 miles, still has its original battery, tyres, exhaust, brakes and all electrics, including light bulbs.

I could not believe that TC had replaced his battery twice in the first six months. I have my car serviced annually and MoTd. It has always passed the MoT first time. Honda did recall the car twice in recent years for some minor checks. I was pleased to know they still have my car in their records, and the local dealer washed the car free of charge before returning it to me. On a recent longer drive, the fuel computer recorded 239 miles at 55.4 mpg and I cruise at 70 mph on the motorway and 50-60 mph on country roads. At last service, the tyre wear was recorded at 5mm front and 6mm rear. They are of a Japanese make, different front and rear, and the walls appear sound. The car spends most of its time in a ventilated garage. I switch off electrics but not the self-dimmer interior light, which you advised TC to do.

Asked on 16 February 2013 by JG, Bangor

Answered by Honest John
That is excellent. My mother beats it with an 11-year-old Toyota Yaris that has been similarly reliable in similar conditions. But don't rely on your car remaining reliable. These cars were only ever built to last seven years. Both yours and my mum’s are on borrowed time.
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