Is it normal for the Renault Scenic's electric parking brake to fail after 70,000 miles?

I purchased a Renault Grand Scenic four years ago when it was nearly new. I did lots of research, noted your comments, and still have the copy of your test report. We have enjoyed plenty of both UK and Continental driving, happy with its performance from all aspects. One item within your report always rested in my mind, and that was the electronic handbrake. I challenged my local Renault dealer on this matter, who confirmed that he'd had few or no problems. Recently, however, the dreaded message, "check hand brake" appeared, so a visit to my local Renault dealer resulted in a new battery. Problem solved, I thought.

Not so, a week later, the message returned, checked again, no problem found. Once again, one week later, the message returned, off to the garage, and a faulty handbrake kit was diagnosed. The replacement unit was expensive at £536, but credit to Renault when I spoke to them, the cost was reduced by 50 per cent. The cost to me, however, with the battery, dashboard and handbrake kit was £550, not an insignificant amount. Renault have been very good on this matter, considering the vehicle is now out of warranty, but nonetheless, handbrake units and dashboards should last the lifetime of the vehicle, I would have thought. Maybe with 70,000 miles on the clock, this handbrake unit does become a problem.

Asked on 4 June 2010 by Mansel Rees

Answered by Honest John
Electric parking brake systems do not last the life of the vehicle on any vehicle. They are trouble on C-Maxes, Passats and Jaguars, as well as on Renaults. Don't seem to be a problem on Prius, though.
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