Mixing Tyres

Last April I purchased a 2010 Honda CRV 4 x 4. I now need to fit two new tyres. When I took delivery the vehicle was supplied fitted with three Dunlop and one Falkum. Having done some research I think Michelin Tour HP all season would be the best. My chosen dealer has refused to fit them saying that different tyre brands should not be fitted to a 4x4 because it can damage the differential. Are they right in want they say? If they are correct have I any redress against Honda.

Asked on 19 December 2013 by Roger41

Answered by Honest John
The dealer is absolutely correct. All four tyres should be the same make and type and as close as possible to the same circumference, otherwise the automatic AWD system will detect the disparity as slip and continually engage the AWD system, eventually damaging it.
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