Importing my car from Thailand - is it worth the hassle?

My daughter lives in Thailand and owns a 2012 Isuzu D-Max Highlander with a 3.0 litre engine and top spec leather seats, sat nav, reverse camera and 22-inch alloy wheels. It is 18 months old and an automatic. She is considering importing it to UK (low prices offered in Thailand).

Where can we get reliable advice/service to address shipping/taxes/insurance/type approval? Basically - is it worth the hassle?

Asked on 6 December 2013 by David

Answered by Honest John
First of all, used values are far higher in Thailand than they are in the UK. Second, a 2WD Highlander in not a UK model and was never imported here (I also bought one in Thailand). Thirdly, though RHD, a Thai pick-up has aircon but doesn't have a heater. Finally it would have to go through enhanced single vehicle approval testing, which is expensive. Far better to sell in Thailand.
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