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Clogged up C-MAX

My C-MAX, 11 Reg, 21,000 miles has gone into Limp Mode on a number of occasions. It is in warranty and serviced by Ford Agents since new. The local agent has diagnosed a fuel filter fault replacement at a cost of £140 including £80 for using their electronic diagnostic system and not covered by warranty. Forums show this as a common fault. The £80 charge is excessive!

Surely electronic diagnostic equipment is a necessity with complex modern vehicles and should be part of their tool-kit. They will be charging extra for the use of their spanners next!

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You're right. Paying £80 to electronically diagnose something as plain as the nose on your face is plainly ridiculous. But this problem is caused by manufacturers fitting finer fuel filters to protect diesel high pressure pumps and injectors, yet the oil companies supplying diesel with a high, moisture-laden biofuel element that emulsifies and clogs filters.
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