Why is the turbo failing on my Suzuki Swift?

Two years ago I bought a Suzuki Swift Ddis from an authorised dealer. The car was running fine until, a few months ago, the turbo failed. The car was still under warranty, but I had to pay £100 to recover the car. After it was inspected, the dealer informed me the engine was damaged and it would need replacing, which they did under the warranty.

However, within days of getting it back, the car started making a cracking noise and I was forced to return it. Again, the dealer told me it was the turbo and again they fixed it.

Now the engine has started leaking oil and showing the same symptoms again. Only this time the warranty has expired and I don’t know what to do. Either the dealer hasn’t done their job properly or this is a common fault. Can you help?

Asked on 21 October 2013 by carlyj1501

Answered by Honest John
If a dealer replaces a turbo without also replacing the oil feed pipes to the turbo he is an idiot. If a turbo fails from overheating then the oil in the pipes that supply it to the turbo bearing will probably carbonise, either blocking the supply pipe completely or partially blocking it. That's why replacement turbos fail. Take it back and demand they fix it as the previous work was unsatisfactory.
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