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Fuel pump failure with ultra-low-sulfur diesel

My distributor type fuel pump on my Renault Kangoo van has failed at 98,000 miles. The fault has been put down to ultra-low-sulfur diesel - apparently it lacks the lubricity these pumps need.

Unlike when unleaded came in, there has been no info as to suitable additives. This fuel is said to be suitable for all diesels (it states this on the forecourt pump) but it is plainly not.

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My straightforward advice is to use Shell V-Power Nitro+. This has so much lubricity it can solve the situation if you accidentally put 10 litres of petrol in. Not only that, it keeps the fuel system clean. And the clincher is that though it costs 5.7 per cent more than ordinary diesel, each litre takes you 9 per cent further.
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