Which used, all-wheel drive estate?

I am looking to change my beautiful 15 year old Audi A6 Quattro S Line. She runs beautifully, original engine, gearbox, clutch, almost no faults. But I need to do significant motorway distances on the continent and UK. However the degree of luxury offered has spoiled me. I also plan to live at least part of the year in the Italian Alps where I do a lot of trekking so need a car that has a better offroad capability.

I am past 67 and enjoy arriving fresh and relaxed after a ten hour drive. I have looked at older (six-year-old) Subaru Outbacks - fine, safe and reliable but lacks the degree of extra luxury.

I drove a Mercedes-Benz CL500, not AWD of course but has all, the luxury to keep me relaxed as I drive. I've looked at most of the other Japanese and Korean cars, none really set me on fire! Can you please point me in the most sensible direction? I have £7000 to spend

Asked on 27 May 2013 by relalxez-vous

Answered by Honest John
4WD pretty much forces you into a later A6 or Allroad because there isn't anything else in the UK apart from a Legacy or Outback.
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